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How do I use frankone?

No coffee falls after pressing button, now I can't open FrankOne

Please follow the steps in this instruction manual ;)

Troubleshooting Guide

I can't open FrankOne after successfully brewing coffee

Easy! Just use the accompanying stirring stick to poke a hole through the leftover ground coffee. You will hear a hiss... which releases the vacuum.

The Filter floats/does not stay in place

Make sure you are pressing down the filter with four fingers. If you feel it is lose just rotate it a bit and install again.

Coffee falls before I press the button

Make sure that when inserting FrankOne into glass carafe, the outer seal is not distorted!

FrankOne will not turn on

1. Untwist the yellow cap at the bottom of FrankOne and connect the machine to the USB cable.

2. Connect the cable to a computer or phone charger. The ON/OFF button should light red.

4. Press the button, the machine should turn ON. Turn it OFF again.

3. Leave it charging, when red light turns OFF disconnect and install yellow twist cap.

4. Use as normal.

If this doesn't fix it, please get in touch with us.

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