It all started with a Kickstarter campaign...

The idea to develop FrankOne originated in Bogotá, Colombia over a cup of coffee between engineer Eduardo Umaña and coffee roaster Luis Fernando Vélez, founder of Amor Perfecto. Our idea was simple, brewing coffee through a vacuum. After a few preliminary experiments we fell in love with the flavor that brewing through a vacuum produced.
Eduardo set to design a brewer from scratch. Over the course of two years, several hundred prototypes, and one successful Kickstarter campaign, we are proud to introduce FrankOne: the first coffee brewer with VacTec™, and the first one developed in the country where some of the finest coffee in the world grows, Colombia.

About VacTec™

Our brewing technology uses a vacuum to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, extracting more flavor in a shorter amount of time. VacTec™ produces a full-bodied and clean cup of hot coffee and an intense and sweet glass of cold brew in record time.

About Frank de Paula

Francisco de Paula Santander was a Colombian national hero and the person that set up the coffee export business back in the 1800s. We drew inspiration from him to name the first coffee brewer and extraction method developed in Colombia.